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Safety in the workplace is paramount and, here at Exporta, we stock a wide range of safety workwear including hi-vis, PPE, safety footwear and much more. Our selection of workwear is both comfortable and functional, providing you and your employees with the ideal clothing for any job. Whether you’re looking for head and face protection or blue roll and eyewash, we can guarantee that our collection of industrial workwear and accessories will help you to maintain a safe working environment. Why not take a look at our bespoke branding service to personalise your workwear?


We know our clients need workwear to do two things; work for your brand and work for your team. So we’ll always aim to give you both and find the right fit for everyone. Your work-wear is an extension of your brand. Supreme work wear has a positive effect on your brand. If you choose us, we’ll get to know you a little better so we can supply you with workwear that’s right for you.

We are a Workwear UK major supplier and have been doing so for many years through our sister company Silverbuck (previously know as Strathallan). We sell a full range of Work-wear and accessories. We have PPE Equipment to ensure safety in the workplace and for your employees. We also have a range of Safety Workwear such as gloves, helmets, footwear and clothing. We provide Safety Equipment and Safety Gear for all kinds of work related and industrial environments. We provide Health and Safety Equipment to ensure you are compliant with H&S regulations and obligations such as provision of PPE Gear, Protective work wear and footwear. So if you are looking for PPE Equipment UK then you have found the right place for Site Safety Equipment.

Our Range

We sell:

  • Clothing - 
  • Footwear
  • Protection
  • PPE
  • Hi-Viability 
  • Accessories and sundries:

Hi-Vis Clothing

It is a legal requirement to provide suitable Hi Visibility clothing and outerwear for your employees and we stock the essentials that you and your employees require. Hi-Vis, often know as High-Vis, High Vis, Hi Vis, High Visibility, Hi-Visibility or High-Visibility items are design to help people be visible and seen so as to avoid accidents and injury.

We supply Hi Vis Vest that makes you visible, Hi-Vis Vest in various colours such as Yellow and Orange. High Vis Vests in various sizes. We can make Printed High Vis Vests and your own personal Branded High Vis Vests. Our sister company Silverbuck is a leader in  Hi-Vis Safety Vest

We carry in stock a full range of Hi Vis Jacket. For those that work outdoors a Hi-Vis Jacket is an essential as our High Vis Jackets come in various formats suitable for all outdoor situations and weather with a range of waterproof and warm winter Hi-Vis Jackets.

You can extend the safety element but providing more than just basic Hi-Vis vests with our High Vis Clothing and Hi-Vis Workwear range which includes items such as  Hi-Vis Shirts, High Vis Hoodie and other Hi-Vis Clothing essentials such as trousers, wet gear, overtrousers.

Safety Footwear

We are one of the premier suppliers of Safety Boots UK with a wide range of Safety Boots and Safety Boots Mens range as well as Safety Shoes. We are also a supplier of Safety Shoes UK with a range of Safety Shoes for Men and Ladies Safety Shoes. Womens Safety Shoes and Safety Shoes for Women are specific and can also be stylish.For industrial environments and heavy duty use we supply Steel Boots UK including Steel Toe Cap Boots, Steel Boots and boots with strong and safe Steel Toe Caps. Our Steel Toecap Boots are certified secure and safe.


We have a wide range of Safety Gloves UK based coverage with next day delivery available. We have all kinds of Work Gloves and Safety Gloves also classed as PPE Gloves. We provide Waterproof Work Gloves, Heavy Duty Work Gloves, specialised Electrical Safety Gloves. We have Grip Work Gloves where extra grip is needed and Rubber Work Gloves. We also have Cut Resistant Safety Gloves to add that extra level of Safety.

Ear Protection

We supply a range of Ear Defenders and other items for Ear Protection. From Industrial Ear Defenders to PPE Ear Defenders that meet all required regulations.
We have ear protection that is compatible with Safety Helmet with Ear Defenders and also Hard Hat Ear Defenders that integrate well and are comfortable.


We are the place to come for Respiratory Masks UK. We sell all kinds of Respirators and Respirator Dust Masks for Respiratory Protection at work and out of work.We have Respirator Mask and Respiratory Masks to provide the protection you require. We have ones that are Full Face Respirator Mask or Full Face Respirator but also have Half Mask Respirator items. It is important to protect your lungs from dust as such we have Dust Respirator, Dust Mask Respirator and Disposable Dusk Masks all available.It is also possible to buy Powered Respirator and Air Fed Resiprator from us for more specific professional applications

Bespoke Workwear and Branding Services

We have a branding service where we can personalise workwear and PPE for your company. To fing out more please leave an enquiry on this page and we will be in touch HERE

For Bespoke and Branding enquiries please see HERE